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Social Inclusion for people over the age of 60

Nowadays, we notice that the societal policies of countries show their harsh face on people that are no longer useful in the context of workforce. Only those who contribute to the development of society and produce work receive full support and  those who have spent many years for the same purpose but have left the labor market due to their age are left behind. 

As technology evolves and becomes more and more an integral part of our everyday life, we need to increase our knowledge and learn how to use the new tools effectively. That is not always easy, especially for elder people that do not have access to the training process and lack the adaptability that characterizes the younger generation. 

Apart from technology, social and economical exclusion is also visible towards elders. There are not many activities that involve seniors where they can use their experience, feel valued and remain engaged with the community. Each country differentiates on the degree of risk of social exclusion for elders. The factors that play an important role in this situation are mostly the state of welfare policies, health status and life expectancy, environmental dimensions and social networks. 

Although more and more projects appear having as a purpose to reinforce people with sufficient skills of any kind, few of these projects have people over the age of 60 as a target group. This behavior enhances the belief that less attention is given to this specific target audience.   

Col-sumers project is one of those that noticed the disadvantages and risks that this group faces and has as objective to inform people over the age of 60 of the Collaborative Consumption and provide all necessary tools to help them exploit this opportunity and improve their life quality. 

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