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Online Learning Opportunities for Seniors

Seniors and recent retirees have more free time typically on their hands, and they need to find new activities that they can spend some quality time with. I am sure that many seniors out there enjoy reading and are eager to learn something new. Especially, as the COVID-19 pandemic is still going on, and we are still in lockdowns, they should investigate the online learning opportunities for seniors that exist online.    

Sites that Offer Free Online Courses for Seniors  

 There are many websites and organizations on the web that support lifelong learning for the elderly. Specifically, those sites provide a great variety of online learning opportunities for seniors that they can choose from. They can find a course on a topic that they are genuinely interested in or pick a platform that best appeals to their aesthetics or because they enjoy its functionality. The choices are endless, and it is guaranteed that they will keep your mind stimulated and occupied for long. 

The following sites constitute excellent learning opportunities for seniors: 

  • Academic Earth – Is an excellent online resource with thousands of free video courses from top Universities worldwide. To name a few, seniors interested in Music can find courses from Berklee College of Music or Law courses from the legendary law schools of Yale or Harvard Universities.  
  • Coursera – It offers paid and free online learning opportunities in a variety of subjects. Similarly to the above, the courses provided come from some of the top Universities in the world. Finally, the site offers quizzes for knowledge testing as well as offers certifications for successful completion.   
  • Khan Academy – It started as a mathematics focused website that also expanded to other courses. It differs from the competition due to the well-designed tutorials and different levels of difficulty. 
  • TEDEd offers excellent and engaging public speaking video content by some of the world’s experts on important world issues.   
  • Duolingo – This is not a website but an application that can be downloaded and used on any smartphone device. This is the perfect tool for seniors who are interested in learning a new language.  

Online Learning Opportunities for Seniors and COL-SUMERS Project 

 COL-SUMERS project mission is to familiarize seniors with the concept of collaborative consumption and the sharing economy. As highlighted above, there are many online courses that seniors can enrol on and learn new things. These online courses can educate them on the sharing economy concept if they choose to, but they become part of the sharing economy by registering for those courses.  

Learn more about the COL-SUMERS project and its objectives by clicking here.  

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