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Digital skills for people over the age of 60

Due to the constant development of technology, in order to remain competitive and countable, the need has risen to obtain more digital skills. Moreover, because of the increase of life expectancy, the possibility to acquire new skills is not restrained among a specific age group, thus all humans share the same need to improve and evolve themselves. 

Many initiatives in learning digital skills include different training opportunities and methods expected to enable European citizens to be fully equipped with the skills required for the era of digitalization. These actions and initiatives seek to improve the digital skills at all levels and among all citizens, but specific attention is given to the elderly. 

Nevertheless, people over the age of 60 do not have the same access or adaptability to new information as youngsters. Digital skills are increasingly required for performing instrumental tasks such as communication, seeking medical help, paying bills, and taking part in democratic processes. 

Touch screen tablets and mobiles have become an integral tool of our everyday life and according to experiments carried out, in order to train older citizens, the result of learning digital skills through gaming on a touchscreen tablet is a promising and pleasant way to receive the advantages of modern technology.  over the counter equivalent to lyrica

The most common sentiment between seniors concerning the digitalization is fear. 

They are afraid of the unknown and the dimensions that this could get. Obtaining information from untrusty sources have mislead them into focusing only on the negative aspects of digitalization. In that case, it is rather significant for all the initiatives to include adequate information and present this information in such a way that will attract and intrigue seniors into being integrated in the new era. 

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