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COL-SUMERS: Developing a Training Program for Enhancing Sustainable Collaborative Consumption in Elder Persons

The COL-SUMERS project is launched with the main objective of increasing the competences of Elder Persons about how to exploit Collaborative Consumption (CC) through an innovative training program. The is implemented in partnership consisting of seven organisations from Romania, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Greece and Spain and each of them is an expert in their fields.

About the Project

Demographic ageing is accelerating. Population in the EU-27> 65 years will be 103 million and > 80 years will be 30 million in year 2020 (DG ECFIN/Ageing Report 2012). Risk of poverty grows with older age and is much higher among women. Risks of social exclusion and citizens unable to afford essential goods and service are heightened by population ageing, increasingly market’s complexity and because some people may neither have the opportunity nor the ability to master the digital environment.

Collaborative consumption (CC) is growing around the world, through the use of technological networks to do more with less, through hiring, lending, exchanging, bartering, or sharing products on a previously unimaginable scale. Proliferation of CC Platforms has boosted CC, with more than half of all EU citizens knowing about the collaborative economy and one person in six is already using it (Euro-barometer, 2016).

During the implementation of the project, the following outputs will be delivered:

Co-Created Methodological Guide (IO1) doctors who prescribe tramadol

A guide determining the key contents, methodologies and tools needed for creating and improving the critical competences of Elder Persons in improving their access and exploitation of Collaborative Consumption.

Training Materials (IO2)

They will be addressed to Elder Persons in order for them to acquire all necessary tools and knowledge in regards with Collaborative Consumption.

Designed Experiential Training Activities (IO3)

They will be the core of the Training Program and they will be based in practical and experiential training.

e-Training Platform (IO4)

An e-learning and e-training platform for the support of the Training Methodology implementation.

The Partnership consists of: The Centre for Sustainable Policies Ecopolis (Ecopolis) – Romania, The Institute of Entrepreneurship Development – Greece, The Mediterranean Institute for Sustainable Development (Imedes) – Spain, ZPS – Slovene Consumers’ Association – Slovenia, Avacu – Consumers and Users Association Valencia – Spain, InfoCons – Asociație pentru Protecția Consumatorilor – Romania, Bulgarian National Association Active Consumers – Bulgaria

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